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Sharing my Techniques and Tips

For this months Step by Step I’ve created a graphite video that shares my process when drawing on smooth paper (Strathmore). If you specialize in colour work it great practice to draw in graphite now and then, this help us to see the values more clearly.

Check out all the exclusive videos that are on offer for only £4 a month.

What’s on Offer

Each month I will be producing two videos for only £4 a month, by pledging you with gain full access to all my Tutorials…
1) An approx. 4 hour long Pastel tutorial… all the complete footage slowed down to almost real-time, as well as real time viewing in some of the important areas, enabling you to follow every mark I make.
2) As an extra thank you for pledging, I will produce an exclusive real-time video with real-time audio explaining my procedure step by step on a specific aspect of pastel painting and other information you might find useful.

30 years Experience

I have over 30 years experience to share with you… so really excited about doing just that.

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