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Sharing my Techniques and Tips

Check out this tutorial video, I share with you my technique and tips on how to Change mistakes without creating mud using pastels . Check out all the exclusive videos that are on offer for only £4 a month.

What’s on Offer

Each month I will be producing two videos for only £4 a month, by pledging you with gain full access to all my Tutorials…
1) A 4 hour long Pastel tutorial… all the complete  footage slowed down to almost real-time, as well as real time viewing in some of the important areas, enabling you to follow every mark I make.
2) As an extra thank you for pledging, I will produce an exclusive real-time video with real-time audio explaining my procedure step by step on a specific aspect of pastel painting and other information you might find useful.

40 years Experience

I have over 40 years experience to share with you… so really excited about doing just that.

So why not give it a go… there is no contract so you can cancel anytime you like. Click here to take a closer look My Patreon