Sansa Stark ‘Sophie Turner’


PASTEL PAINTING (9″x12″) Portrait of ‘Sansa Stark’ (Sophie Turner) Game of thrones

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Sansa is a character which has gone through some extremely tough times in the G.O.T. series and has had no choice but to be strong and connect to her inner strength. It was an interesting experience to capture her marble like complexion as well as her complex emotions. It is now up for sale... so if you want to purchase this it will always remind you of what an awesome series it was.

Please bare in mind that the colours of the portrait will vary with different devices. If you know someone with a Samsung smart photo ask them to change the display settings to Photograph mode and view it from this screen, I found it to be the closest to the original.

To make sure that its is safe in transit I will be shipping the Pastel painting with a mount and backing board, sandwiched between two boards with a special protective glassine paper layer which is water, air and grease resistant. If you live local to Nottinghamshire you could collect the work and I would give you the frame at no extra cost. It is just not safe to ship the portrait, with a courier, with glass. I have made it really easy and secure to purchase my work as I am using PayPal which is very secure... if you haven't got a PayPal account worries as you can still use you credit card with assurance though PayPal and you can rest assured that all is proper and above board. For more details see the services page.