How I Light and set up my studio… what I do… just sharing… my personal preference after careful research.

How my studio is organised

If you have a large enough studio my feelings are if you can stand up comfortable to paint or draw it’s always the best way as you can keep stepping back to view if your portions are correct. I prefer an umbrella set at 45 degrees to the back left of me.

Lighting to achieve accurate colours

The light is 5500k with a CRI at 90+ with around 900…1000 lumens on my surface. 5500k is pure daylight and 90+ CRI brings out a high degree of accuracy with the colour balance within the spectrum. Lumens is the amount of light shining on your surface any more and your pictures will look too dark in incandescent light. You can purchase a light meter quite cheaply from eBay or Amazon. If you paint your picture in a light which is too yellow (incandescent) you won’t be able to match the colour correctly and when it is seen in daylight or exhibition lights the mood and the colours of the painting would be all wrong. Where painting in 5500k light your picture will look fine in all light. Again the studio lights can be bought quite cheaply on amazon. This is my way I’m not saying it’s the correct way but when you are working in colours this is the answer I have found to achieve good colour work.

The lamp I recommend

Here is an Amazon link to the one I would recommend. Has it has a 125w bulb supplied.