Student’s Work and experience

This is only a small selection of the beautiful pastel work my Patreon Students are creating ~ so why not have a go and join our community.

Becca Williamsburg, VA

Your teaching methods are the ONLY reason why I could do any of these portraits.  I was seriously SO overwhelmed with the idea of color theory, and I was so scared to tackle it, but your confidence, calmness, and guidance made it sound so simple and clear.  I really feel like you taught me a new language to be able to communicate with.

Sally Sturgess

My first attempt at a human portrait, after watching Dave Porter’s tutorials.

Pastel pencils on 10×8” Pastelmat

James Rusate

I just finished my snake pastel drawing for my granddaughter.
I just can’t say enough how my short time here learning and applying Dave’s techniques from free hand drawing to underlay drawings to fine details has made this journey so much more enjoyable and meaningful for me. Thank you for sharing all that you do Dave!

Annabel Wood:

This is the first portrait I completed after finding Dave’s YouTube channel and signing up to his Patreon – isn’t he brilliant?!  Dave, THANK YOU!
This is “Jamie’s Dad’s Friend’s Dad” soft pastel pencils on A3ish Pastelmat

Jason Varricchione

Here’s a pastel portrait I just wrapped up (finally…). 11×14” Pastelmat. You may recognize him🤔. Thanks to Dave Porter for providing the techniques and confidence to attempt this.

Jennifer Smith

Image 1: And she’s finished, finally 💗 I followed along with Dave’s niece tutorial, using a free reference photo from Pixabay. The next tutorial I want to try is the graphite portrait on grey toned paper.

Image 2: I’m calling this one done 😊 it’s a commission for my neighbor of his granddaughter. Used pastel pencils & grey pastelmat.

Mark Davey
Image  1
Carbothello pencils on Pastelmat.
Image 2 
“Pretty in pink”
Image 3 
A portrait of my wife using Carbothello pastel pencils on Pastelmat.

Ed Jack:

I am doing exactly like Dave teaches. When I watch Dave fill the tooth I am mezmerized by it… details magically appear that he never drew straight away. Every portrait I do I watch Dave first.

Koen Verhoeven

First Portrait: Anthony Joshua

Second Portrait:

‘Girl with ginger hair… I only did part of the portrait because I like close ups.


Karin Noijen:

Martje the chimpanzee with her son Mees.
Pastelpencils on pastelmat, followed several tutorials on patreon from Dave Porter to get the deep browns right.

Danièle Cifré

I really enjoyed having a try at the Baby’s hand. Thank you Dave for generously sharing your art 🙏


Toni-Maree Eaton

Thanks to Dave’s tutorials on human studies I set myself a challenge to do my beautiful granddaughter. I did find getting her skin colour quite difficult as she has porcelain like skin and black hair with a touch of dark reddy brown. I’m pretty happy with my first go though.

Wilma Tiemessen

I lerarn much from Dave in you tube. Now I am new and i am a patreon and learn more. panpastel and pencils   

Roberta Dotti

Portrait 1

Hi everyone, I’m a new member of this awesome group and this is my last portrait, Oreste

Portrait 2

The portrait of my mother. It will be a present for Mother’s day.

Miho Tomei

Here’s my first piece done all in pastel pencils. I watched the tutorial of Isla on the beach and the way Dave demonstrated creating seascape was fascinating, and I gave it a try on this happy doggo on the beach.  Showing also two other works.

Karen Wilkinson:
I have watched several artists who do portraits, but I was amazed at Dave’s technique for color mixing with skin tones, hair, etc. I have tried to incorporate what I have learned from his tutorials in my paintings. I am still learning… he makes it so understandable and fun. Thank you Dave for all of your guidance!!!