I’m excited to have this opportunity to share all my techniques and tips with Oil Paints, Pastels & Graphite.

My focus at first will be on producing Narrated easy to follow Portraiture videos, approximately 4 hour long Pastel tutorials, also I will produce real-time video with real-time audio explaining my procedure step by step. I have over 30 year experience to share with you… so really excited about doing just that.

Instant Access

Instant access to a growing library of Narrated Videos that are approx. 4 hours long with slowed down footage. These videos are the whole footage of my free YouTube content. They are exclusively for my Patrons as a thank you for your support. They are re-produced close to real-time, where you can see every stroke. I will produce one beginning of each month. Within these narrated videos I share with you my techniques and tips. My passion is to help you to create realistic and soulful work.

An Extra Thank You

As an extra thank you for pledging… I will produce in the middle of each month a selective part of my free YouTube content footage but shot at the time of drawing with real-time video and Audio so you can follow along in more detail and see step by step how I achieve the results in the moment plus the benefit of me explaining the method as I create the work… so enjoy and thank you so much for your support… it means the world to me. 🙂

Just £4 + Vat each Month

So for the price of a cup of coffee each month, I am offering my many years of experience at an affordable price. All this in one tier for just £4+ VAT. Unlocking exclusive re-edited content especially created just for my Patreons. By pledging, this will open further exciting opportunities to focus on producing more detailed video content especially for you.

No Contract

Don’t worry there is no contract, you can cancel at anytime you like… so why not give it a go. Come join our community 🙂 Launch Date Fri 29th January 2021

I will be adding the link to my patreon page in the description on every video so this will take you straight there.

Take care and be well 🙂

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