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How I work and do business

Free Photography

If you haven’t got a reference photo for me to work from, don’t worry, I offer a free photo reference service, if you live within a twenty mile radius from where I am based (Sutton-in-Ashfield) Nottinghamshire. If you live outside this area there would be a moderate charge. It is always great to meet the subject if possible, it gives me an opportunity to know them a little. When I arrive I either use an external Flash unit of lighting equipment depending on what is required. After I have taken the photos I upload them to my laptop and you can choose which you feel is the best. If I need to arrange them into a composition we can work together to get the feel right. I use photoshop to achieve this… all this done in the comfort of your home.


Generally to leave the framing to you and supply the artwork unframed. This way you can take your art to a framer and choose the frame that best suits your personal taste. Another reason I do this is that it is much safer to ship without a frame… less chance of it getting damaged.


I do not charge for delivery within the UK. All packages will be sent using the Royal Mail special next day delivery which will need to be signed for.

If you wish to have your artwork delivered to another country, there is a flat fee of £20.00 with an extra £10.00 for heavy framed work. If you are buying through my shop the shipping cost will be worked out automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of canvas do you use?

A. I use top quality Flax/cotton mix canvas… this doesn’t absorb moisture as much as cotton does. You can have it stretched on bars or as a canvas board… the  choice is yours.

Q. How long will it take?

A. This all depends on what medium you would like your artwork to be in. Graphite and Pastels have no drying times to consider so they take less time to complete ( approx 3…4 weeks) however an Oil paining does take (approx 2…3 months)

Q. Is there a waiting list?

A. Yes there is. This will vary depending on how many commissions I have on. Please ask how long when you enquire. 

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit

A. Yes I ask for a 25% deposit… Paid through PayPal so its secure. It shows good faith for both of us. See commissions explained I go in more detail. You can also pay by BACs if you prefer and if you do I will send a receipt when the payment is received.

Q. What if I want an unusual size canvas.

A. I could do anysize you like in Oils… this would mainly be on canvas board as I am not limited to stretch bar restrictions.